10 Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep in 2017

Hello Beautiful.
Here we are, 2017. As we reflect on the prior year, we set goals for ourselves on how to be better in the new year. We set goals for weight loss, career goals, LIFE goals, but what about BEAUTY goals? Beauty isn’t just skin deep, beauty is something that ultimately makes us feel better, perform better and overall lead more full lives.

As I reflect on 2016, I also feel the pressure of being better. Being a better business woman, being more giving to the people who have believed in me all along, and being a better mom and friend to those I love and who love me in return.

My hope is that you will take one or two of the tips from this article and make yourself a priority in 2017. This statement is NOT meant to be selfish, but rather to achieve an understanding that as you feel better about yourself, you are more apt to help others in return. Think back to a time when you were happiest… My guess is it wouldn’t be during a time you were unshowered, unkempt, and mentally unstimulated. Try these things, just TRY them. They’re meant to help you be more centered and be a better YOU!!!

  1. Exercise more: I would be silly to not include the NUMBER ONE goal in America! Now, this doesn’t mean go get a gym membership you won’t use. MOVE MORE!!! DO what you know you will be able to maintain. If that means downloading an app that gives you an at home 7 minute workout, DO IT… If that means you will go for a hike or a walk on a trail, do it! By all means, if you feel a gym membership is what you will do, DO IT!!! Exercise is the number one mood changer! You will feel better instantly and as a result, you will look better and certainly feel better and more productive.
  2. Take more baths: Yes, baths! If not a bath, a shower but just STAND (or lie) there and be at peace. Allow your mind to rest and meditate or pray, but enjoy the peace. Many women enjoy using essential oils (diffusing) or aromatherapy during their make shift spa time in the tub. This only has to be 15-20 minutes, but make it a deliberate mental break!
  3. Try more lipstick colors: Go outside your comfort zone. If you are a neutral person, try a pop of pink or wine in a sheer formula, but STEP outside your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be empowered by cosmetics, and not held hostage by your own “norm”. You’ll be amazed what you’ll find…
  4. Seasonal Facials: The skin is a reflection of what goes on inside the body, if your skin looks healthy, you will be perceived by others AS WELL as the person staring back at you in the mirror as HEALTHY! Regular professional exfoliation helps with collagen production, cellular turn over, and reduce follicular congestion. What does that mean to you? Real simple: you will look younger and reduce the likelihood of future breakouts. SCORE!!!!!
  5. GET MORE SLEEP!!!! Most experts suggest 7-8 hours of sleep for adults, but my suggestion is to actually DO IT! I get it, you’re busy, your mind won’t shut off. You’re busy getting the house together when the kids go to bed… I get it, I really do. This is another post in and of itself, but the benefits of sleep are pretty much inarguable. Some benefits include feeling better, reducing the bags and puffiness around your eyes, improved memory, and curb your appetite (yes, you read that right!!!). So now, just do it!
  6. Drink more water. If one of your goals is to lose weight, this should be number 2 under exercise. It’s a fact that water aids in fat loss! But the benefits don’t stop there: you’ll actually perform better, have less joint pain, flush waste and bacteria, and make your SKIN GLOW! I usually recommend 8 glasses a day as a bare minimum and more for those working out or trying to lose weight.
  7. Weekly Deep Conditioning hair treatments or hair masks: Here in Chicago, we are in the midst of bitter cold and static, dry hair. I don’t know what I would do without my hair products. My gal pal, hair stylist, Debbie Osburn recommends Lustre Lock by Joico for home care between services because it will “reconstruct, moisturize and give instant shine.” I just received this for Christmas and I am LOVING IT!!!
  8. Pay attention to the shelf life of cosmetics: Mascara needs to be replaced in 3 months, but other cosmetics can last 1-2 years. With liquid cosmetics, your nose will be the litmus test. If it smells funny, don’t use it. [I will have more on this in future articles.] Bacteria can get into cosmetics (brushes too, so clean them) and then into your skin, which makes for a disgusting mix.
  9. Stand up straight! That’s right, you heard me, it wasn’t your grandmother saying that! Fix your posture! When we stand straight, we feel more confident, we appear more confident and we can take on the world with a smile. Shoulders back, chin up and press on!!!
  10. Take off your makeup before you go to bed! I know I know… You’re busy, I get it, really I do. But at the VERY least, use a makeup remover wipe so that your skin doesn’t asphyxiate and become “angry”.

I hope these simple tips help you to LOOK and FEEL more beautiful, thus being a more happy, smiling person. Remember to take care of yourself!!! You’re better to others when you feel good, physically and mentally.

If you’re looking for a strategy, take ONE of these tips a week and commit yourself ALL WEEK to making it a new habit. WE need 21 days to make something a permanent staple in our lives. My resolution is to bring some of my tips to YOU and help YOU feel even more beautiful.





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