Hello Beautiful!

In this edition of my Digital Boutique Blog, I would like to answer some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). I hope you find these responses useful and informative; and if you have any questions, leave a comment or contact me at Megan@MeganMelone.com.

Hello beautiful_Title imagesWill this makeup break me out?

Hello beautiful_Title images (1)Acne is caused mainly by the overproduction of oil, blocked follicles (which clog with oil) and bacteria. Genetics can also effect acne, specifically relating to hormones and how your body reacts to these hormones. Makeup is not one the main factors to cause breakouts. Most makeup is non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog pores, however certain ingredients can cause reactions due to sensitivities of individuals (this is usually isolated). My advice: In addition to proper cleansing (see an esthetician to get products which are suitable for your skin), geting regular (seasonal) facials by a professional and make sure you are using all non-comedogenic products. If you are someone who has sensitivities, I do not recommend drug store products as they can have cheap and reactive ingredients in them.

Hello beautiful_Title imagesHow do I know what (eyeshadow) colors will suit me? image2

Hello beautiful_Title images (1)This one can be tricky, while we like to break rules (ha ha) the knowledge of  color theory plays a huge role. For example, blue eyed ladies should pull from gold and bronze palettes to enhance the blue in her eyes, however as a blue eyed woman, I don’t like to use too much shimmer. I prefer golden toned browns with a hint of a metallic shimmer (Megan Melone Beauty’s Tre di Notte has a beautiful champagne shimmer which looks gorgeous on blue eyed bombshells). Hazel and green eyes ladies can pull in plums and mauves to bring out the emerald in her eye. (Megan’s Tre Di Giorno palette is perfect). Brown eyed ladies can pull off a little more than the others. Brown eyed babes can pull from greens, purples, metallics and also other browns depending on what the undertones in her eyes. These lucky ducks can wear either Tre Di Giorno or Tre di Notte palettes. My advice: If you are concerned that you may be choosing the wrong colors, join us for one of our makeup basics classes or request a one on one lesson.

Hello beautiful_Title imagesWhy does my foundation look orange?

Hello beautiful_Title images (1)There are two reasons why this can happen. Number one, the color is wrong for you. Number two, your makeup is oxidizing (this is based on the PH of your skin). My Advice: You can try toning prior to applying makeup with Mario Badescu’s Rose water or a Micellar water. This can neutralize the PH of your skin and eliminate the chances that your foundation will turn orange. If this doesn’t work, either choose a different shade of foundation or have one made (shameless plug: Megan Melone Custom blend). We do check for oxidizing when we make all custom foundations.

Hello beautiful_Title imagesWhy does my eyeshadow crease?

Hello beautiful_Title images (1)Creasing is due to excessive oil on the lid. Eyeshadow doesn’t really effect this, it has more to do with the way you are priming your eyelids. Most people can get away with a common primer or just using a concealer and a little powder prior to applying their eyeshadow. Some (like me) need something more heavy duty because without a product to address the oil, by noon, they’ll see creasing. If this is a problem for you, my advice is to contact me and I can suggest a product. If your skin is oily, you need something more substantial and I can get something amazing in your hands. It’s kind of a secret… but I will share with those who need it…ha ha

Hello beautiful_Title imagesHow do I get my makeup to last all day? image3

Hello beautiful_Title images (1)Some of this has to do with how much moisture is in your skin and using good products. If you are oilier, you may find that your makeup doesn’t last as long or slides around. I would suggest priming prior to applying your foundation. Sometimes, it is as simple as giving your moisturizer time to soak into your skin. Primer not only blurs large pores, but some primers actually help to soak up oils in your skin, thus extending the wear of your makeup. Another suggestion is a GOOD setting spray and clear powder for us oily folks (RCMA NO COLOR powder is my HOLY GRAIL for eliminating shine)!