Preparing for a fitness competition but not sure what to expect? Here’s my list of essential steps! 

Did you know the diet and training before a fitness competition is only a piece of the puzzle?  A BIG PIECE, albeit a piece.  If this is your first competition, my best advice is to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL for each piece of the puzzle.  Yes, I said EACH piece!  I have worked with pros who are professional cosmetologists who hire my team. Even coaches have a coach!  It will not only relieve any anxiety but it will also allow you to look your BEST on stage.  If you plan on being competitive on stage, you will need a coach (diet, training and posing).  Trust me… Hire someone!

With a background in fitness competition I've seen it allThis sport is expensive, but it is also not a requirement. You choose this competition, so I suggest saving money and being realistic about the financial obligation.  Listen, I competed too.  Not only did I compete, but I TRAVELED and competed.  That means I took a plane and/or a long car ride, packed my food and EVEN THOUGH I am more than capable of doing my own makeup, I usually brought my sister, MAKEUP ARTIST TO THE STARS (lol), Amy Ciganovic.  Why?  Because I didn’t want to fiddle with it when I had 90, 000 other things to worry about.  There is something very relaxing about confidently putting your trust into a professional and just worrying about your task.


Tan-This is super important!  I cannot tell you how many people I have seen screw up their own placing because they didn’t hire a competent tanning person, or didn’t follow their skin prep advice.  Furthermore, it makes it VERY difficult to do my job when a client is green (yes, that happens… sadly).  If your tan hasn’t been completed or touched up at your appointment, you need to make that very clear to your makeup artist.  I am NOT a fan of making the face 2 or more shades lighter than the body.  I think this look is ridiculous.  Dimension in the face is good, but NOT a floating head.  The tan step is crucial!

I do recommend a LIGHT (literally light) spray on the face.  If you hate this idea, that is fine. We will still make you look amazing, but with the lights being so bright, the depth of color will be much more appealing if you do a light spray on your face.

Preparing your skin: As a client prepares for professional makeup application, a few things need to be addressed.  For example, make sure your skin is in tip top shape.  Any competition takes a toll on your skin; the sweating, supplements, stress, and then cutting water… I recommend clients get a facial by a licensed skincare professional at 3 months and then one month prior to the show.  Make sure your skincare routine is solid, using professionally recommended products.  I am sorry, I cannot recommend drug store skin care, it is against my religion—ha ha!  DO NOT USE COCONUT OIL ON YOUR SKIN!!!!!!  EVER EVER EVER It is very high on the comedogenic scale and can cause breakouts.  My clients are directed as to how to care for their skin immediately prior to their makeup appointment, and then we do the rest.

Waxing and Brows-It is very important to have your brows shaped prior to having your makeup done.  I recommend having them done 6 weeks prior to your show, then again a week prior to your appointment.  DO NOT shave your brows!  Whether you thread or wax them is up to you, but they should be cleaned up to get the BEST possible look for stage.  Your artist should fill in your brows as needed, however, having caterpillars isn’t a good look and you are basically tying the hands of your artist when refusing to shape them.

Additional facial hair removal is also a good idea.  Wax the lip, side burns if they’re an issue, whatever needs to go, get rid of it.  Remember, your body will be that of a hairless rat, so if your face is fuzzy, it may be apparent.


Lipstick/makeup: At the risk of drawing out this subject, I will tell you WHY I have all of my clients bring their lipstick to their appointment.  I learned this when I competed, so this is a TESTED subject.

  1. Be very cautious about the ingredients in your lip products during a competition (or any day).  If the first ingredient is alcohol, run for the hills!!!  The skin on the lips is thin and with saliva (which contains the digestive enzyme amylase—which is why licking your lips creates more dryness and damage) you don’t need to have anything BUT nourishing ingredients which will moisturize and enrich the lips, leaving them feeling good.  Alcohol is drying and will leave them feeling dry or even cracked!  If you dehydrate (cut water) leading up to show day, you ought to be especially concerned with your lips.
  2. You will be eating, drinking and your lipstick will NOT last all day.  I, for one, like to have SOMETHING on my lips at all times, especially on competition day when I am trying to impress judges and FEEL my best.
  3. Most people know how to apply lipstick/gloss.  If you don’t I will be happy to show you how to do this so you can confidently apply lipstick immediately prior to stepping on stage.
  4. Lipstick is something you will have at EVERY competition and the investment is just totally WORTH IT if you’re a competitor.  100% of the lipstick colors in my line are wearable off stage as well (and they’ll nourish your lips). You deserve it!  You deserve to have the BEST and feel your best on competition day and EVERY DAY!!! I work with each client to make sure they’re getting the BEST color for their “look”.  This is a very personal touch, please use this part of the service.

While we are on the subject of lipstick, if you want to wear a light lip, please consult with a makeup artist who works in the fitness field.  Too many times, we have a client who comes in with a light colored lipstick and with the tan, it looks like they’ve eaten a powdered donut.  A light lip on stage, with the dark tan, transfers to a light raisin or mauve pink.  A traditional Light pink or nude will not work on stage.  Once again, I am happy to help you in this matter, so please feel free to email me so you don’t get on stage with the wrong lipstick.  You’ve worked too hard and this is an easy fix.

If you’re super oily, you’ll want to bring a CLEAR powder or oil blotting paper (My clients get oil blotting papers in their touch up bags) to remove excess oil prior to stepping on stage.  I can recommend a powder if you need.

Hair Curly or straight?  Extensions or not?  This is a complex question but my recommendations are going to be generic.  In the end, you should ALWAYS wear what will make you feel confident!  I recommend clients with thin hair to wear some sort of wave/curl.  Regarding extensions, I have enjoyed Bellami hair extensions and Tory V hair.  Whatever extensions you get, make sure they are human hair—if they’re not, it will be impossible to apply heat because they will melt… yes, just like taffy… and TOTALLY ruin your irons.  My team has worked with clients who use a HALO, which is a great form of hair extensions if you have super fine hair and want the ease of application for every day.  Clips-ins are the preferred method, however.

Body Hair- Ok, so you’re going to have to remove the hair from your body.  Whether you shave or wax (I do not recommend depilatory hair removers) it’s got to come off… I don’t think I need to say anything else about that.  Shave your arms, back, butt, girl…. get it ALL off…. LOL.

Bathroom- This can be interesting… but yes, you’re going to be peeing into a cup so bring them with.

Suit/heels/jewelry-  These are super important and without delving in COMPLETELY, I will just say this… Good stuff will cost a lot.  Suits are expensive, even renting a good one comes with a heavy price tag.  The heels… I hate platform heels on stage.  Class and stripper are a fine line to cross on stage, my advice is go with a 5” heel with NO or little platform (we are talking about the part under the ball of your foot).  Jewelry must SHINE!  Without crossing into the territory of a posing coach, I will just say GET COMFORTABLE in those heels! Vacuum in them… take the garbage out in them… Be safe but get good at walking in them.  There is nothing worse than watching a girl who looks AMAZING come on stage and looking like a 6-year-old trying to walk in mom’s heels.  And….PLEASE hire a posing coach!!!!!!

Your stage prep may make all the difference in your next fitness competitionI hope this has helped with some things to think about before your competition… I always made lists (still do) to help me get to and THROUGH a show.  Hiring the right people will not only make you FEEL more confident but take some of the pressure off so that you can just shine on that stage!

Finally, Book your makeup and hair appointments early, like 4-6 months prior to the event.  Yes, I know that is early, but if you don’t want to have a 2 am glam session, you’ll thank me.







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