Find your glitter among these new products from Megan Melone Makeup! 


I have been so busy that writing this blog took a trip to the back burne. Now I’m ready, and I hope you are too! I have questions (and answers), new releases, tips, etc… lol  Buckled up?  LET’S GO!!!

New Release!!!!!  Glitters! 

If you follow my Facebook group “Megan Melone Beauty” you probably saw my glitter release.  We released four vials of gorgeous glitters and held a contest to name them. The lucky ladies who won received a FREE glitter!  We LOVE the names and we hope you do too!

Use these cosmetic grade glitters over eyeshadow Glitters by Megan Melone

  1. GLACIER: Thank you Janeen Bair for aptly naming this glitter.  Glacier is a gorgeous iridescent mix of white and reflective pastels.  It looks like the twinkling of newly fallen snow.  This glitter pairs nicely packed over purples, pinks, and any cool toned eyeshadow.
  2. GALAXY: Thank you Andrea Albrecht for naming this one!  Galaxy couldn’t be a better name for this glitter that looks like the cosmos.  It reflects warm tones like gold, copper, bronze and even a hint of emerald.  This glitter is perfect paired with a smoky eye or even a golden look.  Galaxy is a RICH and sexy glitter which can be paired with any warm toned shadow (gold, bronze, green, black, copper, etc…)
  3. BLOOM: Thanks to Cassie Edwards for naming this one! It is a beautiful mix of iridescent pastels with pink being the main color.  Bloom looks gorgeous over pinks, golds, taupes and purples (and even black).
  4. HOLLYWOOD: Thank you Julie Hipkins for naming this glamorous glitter. This classic color reflects a holographic spectrum of golden shimmer.  Pair Hollywood with just about any shadow and you’ll add a classic sparkle fit for the runway (or any red carpet event).

Application Tips

The best way to apply the glitter is to shake the vial. It is suspended in a liquid so that it won’t fall all over your face like loose glitter.  After you mix it up, put a drop or two on the back of your hand and use a small synthetic brush (Filbert style art brush is great) or pack on with your finger.  I recommend using a brush if you prefer more intense sparkle.  The glitters can be packed right over your eyeshadow, super easy!!!


In other news… I have officially released my BUDGEPROOF, creaseproof eye base and my invisible blot powder just in time for the warm weather. NOTHING will melt with these products! Both of these products are answers to my prayers and hopefully they will also be answers to yours.  More on this in future blogs.

Mother’s Day mother's day mom makeup gift

Mothers Day is coming up on May 14th. Fortunately, we have a myriad of products to help your mother feel beautiful and special.  As always, if you need a color recommendation for mom, contact me for a consult.  Some of our great gift ideas include lipgloss, makeup remover wipes, lipstick, mascara, etc. Additionally, if you aren’t already a member of “Spa Double Helix with Amy” on facebook, Amy has opportunities for special gifts for mom as well.


  1. How do I get the most payoff with foundation while using a blender?

This question arose regarding silicone blenders (of which I am not a fan because I do not feel they are able to blend to my liking) yet, clients feel like like beauty blenders (those pink spongy things) soak up too much product.  Here’s the solution: When applying foundation, put a few pumps on the back of your hand.  Then, dot the foundation on your face, blending with the blender in smaller sections.  When you apply the foundation to your face instead of directly to the sponge or blender, you don’t lose as much product. And, you also get better application.  Many foundations are made with the intent of being “warmed” on the skin.  They will blend better, more evenly and your overall result will be much more flawless when you apply the makeup on the skin, then blend with your blender.

  1. How do I get my lashes to be BOLD without getting clumpy or wet?

A lot of this depends on the formula you are using.  Some formulas are by nature more “wet” (these are the ones I save for use with false lashes) and some are more of a clumpy formula.  Some people love a clumpy mascara. It depends on the look you’re going for. But to avoid clumps I have a solution.  To begin, when you remove the wand from the tube, do NOT pump the wand in and out.  This dries out the formula, which means you’ll need to replace it quicker than the three-month guideline.  Scrape off the excess mascara from the wand and apply a THIN layer to clean lashes.  Let the mascara dry for about 30-60 seconds.  When it is fully dry, continue building the mascara, keeping in mind the strategy of pushing the wand gently into the base of the lashes and wiggling up.  Layer until you love the look and you should be good to go!

  1. I see you post a lot about fitness makeup, is there any other makeup you specialize in?

wedding makeup by Megan MeloneThank you for asking. While we love dramatic makeup, Amy and I also love making a bride feel special on the BIGGEST day of her life (thus far).  Amy and I both have a lot of experience in Bridal makeup. Ironically, all of my International publications have been NON-fitness related looks.  In addition, Amy has over a decade’s worth of salon experience. There, she worked with hundreds of brides, was published in magazines, and worked with celebrity hairstylists Mario Tricocci and Ken Paves.

We have a solid grasp on bridal, special event, and photoshoot makeup. It comes from our trusted technique, coupled with a strong knowledge of color theory.  You can look at our Instagram Pages for more. If you are getting married or would like makeup done at your photoshoot, contact me. I will go over the details with you.

I feel like I covered a lot!  If you EVER have a question, please either email me or post right on my “Megan Melone Beauty” group on Facebook.  I am happy to answer them, and possibly feature your questions in an upcoming blog.

Beautifully yours,