Learn what Red, Blue, and Green LED light therapy means for your skin with esthetician Amy Ciganovic! 


In the last few years advances in skincare have grown by leaps and bounds, but nothing has received as much attention as the use of LED light (light-emitting diodes) therapy. The light therapy is used as a relaxing, painless treatment add-on to correct skin challenges. These include conditions related to premature aging, acne, inflammation and hyper-pigmentation. The technology was first discovered by NASA for plant growth experiments on space shuttle missions. While they were researching the effects it had on plants they thought why not try it to speed up healing in the skin since in zero-gravity situations skin heals a little slower. So, if NASA approves so do I! There are several different color LED lights that serve different purposes. I will focus on the three I utilize in my treatments. I won’t bore you with the scientific mumbo jumbo either. It’s enough to make your head spin! 

RED LIGHT THERAPY Red LED light therapy can treat lines, wrinkles and skin redness

The Red LED light is my most popular LED treatment. The frequency of the Red LED light is used to treat the following skin challenges:  fine lines and wrinkles, deficit of collagen production, overall redness and inflammation as well as the reduction of sun damage.  

Blue LED light therapy can treat acne breakouts even if you're on prescription medicationBLUE LIGHT THERAPY 

The Blue LED light produces singlet oxygen in PP-9 or Prophryn, a compound generated by the P. Acne. This form of oxygen is very toxic to the bacteria that grows on the skin that results in acne breakouts. So it decreases acne with absolutely no downtime. And since the use of LED Light therapy in the treatment room is the only product or service that has absolutely NO contraindications, even clients who take prescription acne medications can use it! 

GREEN LIGHT THERAPYGreen LED light therapy has a calming effect reducing hyper-pigmentation

The Green LED light is the most underused light but has substantial positive benefits.  Green LED light has a calming effect and has been proven to assist in reducing malasma and other skin discolorations. The research and attention on Green LED light therapy isn’t nearly as much as the famous Red LED light, but the research on the wavelength of the green LED light supports the theory that it targets melanocytes which are melanin-producing cells in the bottom layer of the epidermis. By targeting melanocytes it prevents excess melanin from traveling to the surface of the skin, breaking up the clusters of pigment and therefore diminishing any existing hyper-pigmentation.

So the big question is which LED light therapy is right for you? The great  thing about LED light therapy is you really don’t have to choose. You can combine them in your facial treatment! Each 20 minute LED Light therapy add-on is $20. This price is an add-on to a facial treatment. If you want just the LED light therapy , it’s $50 for for a 40-minute service. My recommendation is to use it in conjunction with a facial for optimal results!  I hope to see you soon!  

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