Love Your Lips

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If you live in an area (like Chicago) where the Winter is BRUTAL, this blog is for you. This time of year, we are plagued with dry skin, specifically dry lips. In order to explain how irritating this is for me, let me first give you a little history. I have played the flute the majority of my life, and even have a flute performance (Orchestral Studies) degree from one of the most competitive music schools in the USA… Why do I say that? Because as a flute player, you can’t afford to have dry lips. We become obsessed with not only adding moisture to our lips, but also protecting our lips from the elements. Side note: this is why it was SOOO important to me that there be a moisture component to my lip products.

6 Tips to avoid chapped lips:

  1. Stay Hydrated. Yes, it’s simple but you know, water is your friend (there is INDEED a recurring theme in my blogs, and this is one of them).
  2. Cover up your lips and any part of your face which may be an issue for you. A scarf can be cute and functional.
  3. Use good products: I am not a fan of products containing camphor, menthol or phenol. I won’t bore you with all of the scientific details as to why camphor and his friends are NOT a good ingredients, but it boils down to they dry your lips out and create a vicious cycle of the illusion of being hydrated and smooth, then NEEDING to use the balm again. I prefer hydrating balms with a balance of beeswax (holds moisture in), cocoa butter (conditions lips) and/or argan oil. (adds moisture) (shameless plug—my lip glosses contain Moroccan grown Argan Oil, actually MOISTURIZING the lips).
  4. Don’t lick your lips!!! Your saliva contains amylase that are meant to digest foods, so they break down the natural oils on your lips.
  5. Avoid super salty, spicy or acidic foods. These foods will only make things worse.
  6. I ALWAYS had positive results from using good old petroleum jelly at night. There is an argument amongst experts as to the effectiveness of it, but I ALWAYS had good results. I will let you decide for yourself 

IMG_1536While we are on the subject, I would like to address long wearing (specifically 24 hour) lip products. I get asked a lot if I have a product like this, or if I can recommend one. And the truth is, I don’t and I won’t carry one in the near future. Even as an artist PRIOR to having a cosmetic line, I wasn’t a fan of these. Some are “ok” but most make my own lips feel horribly dry and I cannot recommend something that doesn’t feel good on my lips to anyone else. Make sense? I would much rather reapply a SMOOTH, moisture rich lipstick or gloss than suffer the results of a long wearing, drying lipstick for DAYS after…

Stay warm out there!