Custom Blend Foundation (refill only)

Refill  (you’ll be sent a brand new bottle containing your foundation) your CURRENT custom, oil free foundation formula easily with a click of a button.  This is ONLY for individuals who have had their initial formulation and consult and are just looking to have a refill bottle made.

Foundations are made by hand to the specific needs and requirements of each clients needs, therefore the ingredients and formulations vary from person to person.  The base is a mineral formula which is highly pigmented and enriched with serums and skincare additives as needed.

Please note packaging may vary! Please make a note if you have any additional questions or requests


Key features:

Oil Free
Paraben Free
Natural SPF of 6-8 (I have the ability to add more if you wish)
Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
Botanical infused to smooth and soften skin
Natural, long wearing, shine free coverage


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