“After being away from the competitive stage for a couple of years, I had returned…”

After being away from the competitive stage for a couple of years, I had returned to find that the make-up artist I had used for years was no longer doing contest make-up. I began to panic because I’m pretty picky about who’s putting their product and brushes on my skin as well as their overall professionalism, which can sometimes be lacking in the physique competition industry. And of course, there’s the artist’s ability to do great stage make-up (ladies, it’s NOT the same as everyday or even wedding make-up!!!). A friend of mine, and fellow IFBB pro, Tammy Patnode, had completed in Chicago the year prior and referred me to Megan.

As soon as I contacted Megan, I knew it was going to be a good fit. Not only did she respond to me right away, but she had a formal email and questionnaire to fill out so that she would be adequately armed to make me gorgeous on the day of the show. She also emailed back and forth with me quite a bit about what I wanted. During the time leading up to the show, she even checked in on me and confirmed our time. As someone who’s very organized and scheduled, I REALLY appreciated this.

On the day of the show, I arrived early, and Megan was ready for me. No waiting around for her to finish up three other girls. No crazy, rushing around. It was probably one of the most relaxing pre-conest make-up sessions I’ve ever had. Also, I didn’t even have a plan for what look I wanted (I’d changed my mind so many times in the weeks prior), so I just showed Megan my suit and told her to do what she thought would look best. By far, it was some of the best stage make-up I’d ever had done. My face matched my tan perfectly. I didn’t look like a drag queen, even off stage – which is very impressive. And she managed to prevent my skin from getting overly shiny on stage, which is a monumental task in and of itself. She also had other staff there working with her to do hair, and that’s a whole other testimonial I could make alone! I was thrilled with how my hair came out, and the volume kept all day and through the night show. Overall, working with Megan and her team was a wonderful experience, and I would 100% recommend working with her at any show where she’s offering her services.
-Melissa DiBernardo

“I have been using Megan as my makeup artist for my competitions for the past several years…”

I have been using Megan as my makeup artist for my competitions for the past several years and every time she blows me away!! Her work is breathtaking and every time i think she can’t do any better, she surprises me and does. She knows exactly what look, from the eyeshadow and lashes, down to the lip color, is perfect for me, my personality and my suit color. Megan is also extremely professional and just an overall amazing person. She treats every client like they are her only client, she gets to know each one personally and relates to them. She takes so much pride in her work and i will never use anyone else!! I am so glad i have had so many opportunities to work with her…she is the best in the industry!!

Samantha Bormuth

“The BEST MUA in the Chicagoland area!”

The BEST MUA in the Chicagoland area! I have used Megan Melone for ALL of my figure/physique shows and I have never looked better!! I trust her so much that I just say “I trust you, do what you want” and I’ve NEVER been disappointed.
-Danae Zaitz
Lake in the Hills, IL

“Don’t Hesitate”

Don’t hesitate – if you’re thinking about booking Megan for your wedding do it! Megan provided make-up for my bridesmaids, my mother/mother-in-law and myself. I couldn’t have been happier with the results, and I know everyone else was equally satisfied. People at my wedding were raving about how beautiful everyone looked and our makeup lasted all day and night!  My bridesmaids said they have never looked better and felt like they could walk on the red carpet.  She has a wonderful eye for color, facial features and style.  Megan respectfully listens to your requests, is honest with you in her opinions when asked and moves throughout the getting-ready period of the day with a calm, collected stress-free attitude. She was on time and ahead of schedule, organized, professional and her passion for makeup radiates when you are around her.  She was even able to fit in one of our guests at the last minute!  I would highly recommend her – she’s worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed!

-Gail Brua

“Megan has been doing my make-up for many years now.”

Megan has been doing my make-up for many years now.  From competition make-up to bridal make-up.  Each time i was always beyond impressed.  Not to mention her make-up line is fantastic.  She is always the artist I recommend and would not go anywhere else.

-Tina Bauman

“Megan is by far the best!”

“Megan is by far the best! She did my make-up for my very first figure show and made me feel amazing, so amazing that when I did my second show I found out she was not going to be there and freaked out! BUT, was able to get hints and tricks from her via two Skype make-up lessons! Third show again, she was unable to be there and the gal that did my make-up was not the pro Megan was but, with what I had learned from Megan was able to fix it. The next two shows I checked ahead and was so excited that they were both on Megan’s schedule! NOW, for this years shows I am again so excited that she WILL be there and that just takes a load off knowing that my make-up will be spot on and last! I have also recommended Megan to other gals knowing that they will not be disappointed! SO if you are looking for the best and most professional make-up artist go with Megan….she’s AWESOME!!!”

Linda B
National Level NPC Figure Competitor

“I have had the privlege of using Megan Melone for my makeup on a few different occaissions.”

“I have had the privlege of using Megan Melone for my makeup on a few different occaissions. Let’s just say….wow!! I have never looked better than I did after using her services. I have used other makeup artists for my shows and I have to say they do not compare. After having Megan do my makeup for my first two shows I was nervous to use anyone else. Megan’s application is flawless. Not only did she hide all my imperfections, but her makeup also complemented my suit colors and really brought the whole package together. After booking with Megan, she followed up and confirmed with me prior to my show, and had me in and out in plenty of time. It’s stressful enough preparing for a show. Working with Megan took the guesswork out of trying to do my own makeup. Knowing she was there gave me the ability to relax a little more. After just working with Megan one time I trusted her completely. She is fun, sweet supportive and a true professional. If I could pay her to accompany me to all my shows I would in a heartbeat!!”

Melissa Fischer
IFPA/NGA Figure Pro

“I booked my makeup with Megan and Amy at my first NPC show.”

I booked my makeup with Megan and Amy at my first NPC show.  I was nervous,scared and lacking a little bit of confidence.  Once I finished up with Megan and team I felt like a million bucks.  So confident.  I Had already won no matter what happened on stage.  Before I decided to register for my second competition I checked with Megan first to see if she was the preferred.   She was thank god.  Otherwise I may not have signed up.  She is amazing and I trust my face with no one else!  Xoxoxo.  

Jeanne Hahn.

“I have known Megan Melone for the past 6 years”

“I have known Megan Melone for the past 6 years, not only have I gotten the chance to know her as a person but also have had the privilege to work next to this amazing women. Megan is always keeping up with make up trends and is able to portray this with her use of makeup. She is professional, friendly and well organized making it so easy on her clients. Megan is one of the best makeup artist I know in the Chicagoland area and her work is exquisite. I HIGHLY recommend her.”

Renee Cross
Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist

“I had the chance to work with Megan”

“I had the chance to work with Megan at two of my competitions, the Iowa Pro and the Pittsburgh Pro. I know many women are hesitate to work with someone they have never worked with before, but you do not need to worry when you book an appointment with Megan. It takes a special kind of make up artist and person to execute the necessary skills it takes to do competition make up so it can be seen under the bright stage lights. When I worked with Megan not only was she personable and friendly but my make up looked beautiful and exactly the way I wanted it. Do not miss out on a chance to work with her!”

Heather Nappi,

“Megan is a true professional and at the top of her game”

“Megan is a true professional and at the top of her game. I have 100% confidence in her work and know she will have me looking my best on stage. Megan is highly dependable, talented and personable. Such a blessing to know her!!”

Lauren Hawkins,
NPC National Figure Competitor

“I won my pro card last year with the NGA as a bikini competitor”

“I won my pro card last year with the NGA as a bikini competitor. I walked on stage with such confidence because of my hard work and I felt absolutely beautiful. My hair and makeup, done by Megan Melone, was perfection!!! I always told her I won my pro card because of her.”

Stephanie Spaniol,
Professional Bikini Competitor NGA